Mukwena Murdered and Hands Chopped by ZANU PF Assailants: Mudzuri

Masvingo MDC provincial spokesperson and Zaka MP Harrison Mudzuri in a statement released by the party said party activist Sharukai Mukwena, an MDC activist of Ward 22, Zaka East in Masvingo was on Tuesday murdered by alleged Zanu PF assailants at his home.

“I can confirm that our supporter Sharukai Mukwena was killed on Tuesday night after an attack by Zanu PF supporters. Mukwena woke up to discover that his granary had been set ablaze and in trying to investigate what was transpiring, he was confronted by Zanu PF youths who attacked him, ”Mudzuri said.

“They chopped off Mukwena’s hands and it was a truly gruesome murder incident”, added Mudzuri.

The MDC has said that over 200 of its supporters were murdered in the bloody 2008 elections which were disputed and resulted in the formation of the unity government of Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe.
Mudzuri said the MDC is worried about the rise in political violence in Masvingo at a time when the country is expected to hold a referendum or elections.
“We are worried about the reports of fresh cases of political violence across the province. The latest murder incident is atrocious and shocking,” Mudzuri said.

“Mukwena was a strong party supporter and he was killed following several altercations with known Zanu PF supporters in the area. Another worrying factor is that the police are deeply reluctant to speed up investigations into the murder.”
Police were not immediately available for comment.

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Mberengwa Villagers Forced to Donate towards Chief’s Homestead Electrification

Bulawayo, February 11, 2012—There is outcry in Mberengwa after villagers were forced to pay US$10 each for the electrification of their traditional chief’s homestead.

Villagers of Mataruse area under Chief John Bhera-Mataruse a known Zanu PF activist, were last week ordered  by a group of war veterans led by Tavona Chigwengwenene  to pay US$10 each  for the electrification of chief’s  homestead near Mbirashava primary school.

Edius Moyo the former MDC -T chairman for Mberengwa district confirmed the incident to the Radio VOP on Thursday saying Chigwengwenene called for a meeting at Ruvuraugwi Primary school in Mataruse area on Wednesday and asked villagers to contribute US$10.

“People were ordered to make contributions to the chief as he is planning to electrify his homestead. Chigwengwenene and his group are collecting the US$10 from each household on the chief’s behalf,” said Moyo.

Moyo added: “This is not acceptable, actually they have taken it too far because it’s not our job to fund the electrification of the chief’s homestead, he should find his own source of funding instead of fleecing innocent citizens”.

 Mberengwa has been a Zanu (PF) stronghold since independence, the party’s militias and war veterans have been mostly terrorising opposition supporters in the past few years.

Last year another group of war veterans and Zanu (PF) youths led by Sayinai Madhaka declared war against MDC supporters in Mberengwa district, saying their party should start setting up a refugee camp as they will be all forced to flee.

Early last year a group of war veterans were arrested after disrupting a constitutional parliamentary committee consultative meeting on the new constitution held at Vutsanana Secondary School in the same district.