Mum And Uncle Give Up On Macheso's Marrying Spree

Zacharia and Macheso are blood relatives who formed the formidable Khiama Boys of the 1980s and 90s. Macheso then left his uncle in the late 90s to form his own outfit Ochestra Mberikwazvo which has catapulted him to both fame and fortune.

Madzibaba Zacharia told Radio VOP that he warned the singer that his continued polygamous behaviour would disturb his illustrious music career.

He said he had been talking to Macheso since last year when the rumour of his second marriage rocked the papers.

“I approached him advising him that he was destroying his career. He stopped visiting me. I told him that he should rather invest in movable or immovable properties than investing in women, and that’s when he started avoiding me. The young man does not listen and even his mother has surrendered,” said Madzibaba Zakaria.

Last week Macheso paid US$ 5000 to his former maid Adeline Hunidzarara barely six months after he got married to his second wife Tafadzwa.His first wife, Nyadzisayi was not available for comment amid rumours that she had agreed to the marriages. Macheso was also not taking telephone calls to his mobile phone from Radio VOP.

Macheso’s marriages have raised a lot of debate in the media with critics fearing for the collapse of his career that has seen him climbing to the top to become the king of sungura.