Municipality of Gwanda Resorts to Water Rationing.

Municipality of Gwanda workers Friday night went around the mining town appealing to residents to remain calm and urging them to stock water in drums and buckets.

Residents of Spitzkop township and students at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic are the worst affected as water has virtually stopped running in their tapes.

“Yow will now be getting water from six in the morning to four in the evening, we would sincerely like to apologize but engineers are busy rectifying the problem, in the meantime please store water in buckets and drums,” said a municipality worker on loudspeaker.

The local authority is reportedly reeling under a financial crisis and has failed to pay its service providers with garbage strewn all over the town and there are fears the water situation could last for a little longer.

“If we start having rains with this garbage still uncollected then we should be ready to fight a cholera outbreak, it’s even worse now that we have water problems,” said a senior nurse at Gwanda Hospital who requested anonymity for professional reasons.

Gwanda Mayor Lionel Denecker could not be reached for comment, however in the past he has put the blame on Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) whom he accuses of clinging to the water treatment plant instead of handing it over to the local authority.