Munotidako Hitmaker Clears Air Over 'Obscene' Lyrics

By Courage Bandera

Chiredzi, December 20, 2013-Munotidako by Jacob Moyana is probably the most played song in private and social networks nowadays but the least understood.

This is because the song sends the human mind barking up the wrong tree. Because of that it has received a total blackout of all Zimbabwean radio stations.

Music lovers think that the song is obscene as it discusses women’s buttocks and yet far from it.

It is merely played on the ambiguity of Shona words.

Beitbridge-based Moyana  sings as follows:

“KuChipinge munotidako;

“kwaMutare munotidako;

“kuChiredzi munotidako;

“Tagara munotidako”

Literally  translated the song means 

“if you say big bums in Chipinge;

“if you say big bums in Mutare;

The other meaning for of the word Munotidako is “if you want us there”

So Moyana is just saying:- 

“If you want us in Mutare;

“If you want us in Chiredzi;

“If you want us everywhere then we shall come”

However a few of Moyana’s fans have noticed the second meaning and this has ensured that the song is not played in public.

But in the viral version of the song that has sent people crazy on the net, a woman with huge bums is seen suggestively playing the song.

Moyana enjoys controversy because it is making him popular. His band is the most sought after in the southern region particularly in Chiredzi and Beitbridge.

His upcoming hit song is Pamha Takatarisa whose meaning can be obscene when taken as one word, but means repeat while we look.

Born in Chipinge in 1980 Moyana is a family man and father of three. He started playing the guitar in 1991 in Chipinge Days Hill Village. He worked as a bus conductor for 5

years and made his first recordings at Gramma Records,but he currently records his own music because he finds recording companies to be very expensive.

He has performed with Fabio Chivhanda’s Traditional Band,Joseph Chavhakaira,Ghetto Express,Joseph Garakara and his own Black Hunters.

The Mirror (Masvingo)