Mushonga Fires Tirade At Deputy Speaker

On Friday Khumalo, two other MPs and two senators allegedly defected from the MDC led by Ncube to join a splinter MDC led by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara.

Mutambara’s formation announced that Tsholotsho South MP Maxwell Dube, Gwanda North’s Zinti Mnkandla, Umzingwane senator Khembo Dube and Lupane Senator Dalumuzi Khumalo have joined them.

On Thursday More than 20 MPs walked out of Parliament in protest over the alleged expulsion of Khumalo from her party.

The MPs walked out while Ncube was moving a motion that the National Incomes and Pricing Commission Bill be restored on the Order Paper after it could not be debated in the previous session of Parliament.

The irate Zanu-PF and MDC-T  MPs refused to listen to Ncube’s  submissions and interjected, calling him a “party-less president who had no members in his party as he had fired several of them”.

Speaking at a public dialogue meeting organized by Bulawayo Agenda, Musihairabwi Mushonga came out guns blazing and did not mince her words as she insisted that party cadres must stick by the party’s value system at all times.

“If we sit here and say you belong to a political party, then we must agree that you have to do things according to the party’s value system. How do you explain that a member of a political party, elected on that party’s ticket, stands up and insults its (party) president?

“I don’t care if you are a woman, you are gay or you are transgender, the point is that you have to stick with your party’s rules,” she said.

Condemning the walk out on Thursday, Musihairabwi Mushonga said she was disappointed that most of those MPs that walked out of Ncube are from Matabeleland.

“Today, because the (MDC -T) and Zanu- PF held hands and jeered, it is good. Let us stick to that even tomorrow,” she said.