Musician's family to receive royalties

The Chief Executive Officer of ZIMURA, Polisiwe Ncude said they will dish out the royalties to the three children, including an elder daughter who have been identified as the real siblings of the deceased blind singer.

A lot of people have been claiming to be descendents of Matavire, forcing ZIMURA to stop the disbursements of the funds which have accumulated over a long period.

Ncube said they have already made arrangements for the family to collect their dues at the ZIMURA offices.

ZIMURA is a body that collects royalties from the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings on behalf of musicians for distribution. The royalties are proceeds from airplay on both radio and television for which the ZBH is obliged to pay for.

Because of piracy, most of Zimbabwe musicians now survive on royalties or proceeds from live shows.

Matavire who started his career with the Jairos Jiri Band in 1982 was very popular with the way he combined his deep shona lyrics and erotic dancing style.

He made his mark with the hit single Nhamo Yousavi, and followed this with several albums which went gold including Ndagumbuka.