Musician's Wife Hospitalised

Radio Vop can exclusively reveal that Nyadzisai, is sheltered in the Hospital’s private ward reserved for important people and staff relatives.

A source at the hospital said: “She has been visited by her daughter Sharon and is recovering well. Although indications are that she is here for a review after she had a miscarriage earlier this year, it is undeniable that she has been affected by the media attention over her husbands’ intention to marry a second wife.”

Macheso has recently been in the media flaunting his mistress Tafadywa Mapako who was his daughter’s friend.

Although Nyadzisai recently revealed that she has always known Tafadzwa to be Macheso’s soon-to-be second wife, sources say she has been sleeping in a separate room owing to the highly publicized issue. Macheso is said to be due to pay lobola soon.

He and the mistress are yet to visit Nyadzisai at the hospital.