Musina CBD Empty As Zim Import Ban Takes Effect

The usually busy border town of Musina in Limpopo is quiet and empty as the effects of Zimbabwe’s decision to limit import of some basic commodities from South Africa are being felt.

Most of the shops in Musina rely on customers from Zimbabwe who buy basic supplies daily.  

Some of the basic goods have been included on the list of goods that are banned for import in Zimbabwe.  

The effects of the decision on business in the Musina CBD are visible as the town is almost deserted.  

Customers from Zimbabwe usually buy items ranging from groceries, furniture and clothing to take across the border to Zimbabwe.

The shops are now deserted since Friday when the ban came into effect.

Only a few locals are seen buying. The taxi industry has been hit hard, as there are a few passengers to be ferried across the border.  

The decision by the Zimbabwean government is aimed at encouraging citizens to buy local produce, in order to stimulate local industries in that country.  

Zimbabweans are however saying buying in Zimbabwe is too expensive as the country uses the US dollar.