Mutambara Demoted, Ncube Now Deputy Prime Minister

The news of Mutambara,s redeployment was announced by the party at a media briefing in Harare which followed the MDC’s Standing Committee meeting.
The new party president Welshman Ncube who took over the leadership at the MDC-N,s national congress two weeks ago told Journalists that he would be replacing Mutambara as Deputy Prime Minister in the coalition government.
“Minister (Priscilla Misihairambwi) Mushonga will be redeployed to the ministry of Industry and Commerce. Professor Mutambara will be redeployed to the ministry of Regional Integration and International Cooperation, I will be redeployed to the office of the Deputy Prime Minister,” said Ncube.
“Those are the decisions of the standing committee which have been communicated to the persons who are concerned and affected.”

Mutambara was not immediately available for comment.Ncube said his party is ready to defend a legal case which was done at the High Court that his party flouted the constitution to elect Ncube at the helm. Joubert Mudzumwe and 12 other senior MDC-N members from the past standing committee have challenged Ncube’s  election.
“We are happy that they have decided to make this a legal case rather than a political case because as a legal case it is very easy to resolve and we know we are on firm ground. We hope they will be a decision soon,” Ncube said.

Ncube said his party will write to President Robert Mugabe to make the changes in government and swear him as the deputy prime minister adding that Mugabe will act according to the advice or instructions from his party.
Ncube,s election as leader of the MDC-N has been widely welcomed by many people in his native Midlands province and by thousands in Matabeleland where the party has its political power base.