Mutambara Fired, Mugabe Blocks His Ouster From Govt

This new twist of events comes a day after Mutambara had said he had fired the new president of the party, Welshman Ncube who was elected at the party’s congress recently. Mutambara said on Wednesday he refused to accept Ncube as president of the party as he had not been improperly elected. He also refused to step down as one of the two deputy premiers of Zimbabwe to pave way for Ncube.

But the party’s secretary general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga on Thursday said the party had fired Mutambara after it learnt that Mugabe would not accept the new president of the party to take over from Mutambara who had led the party since its split in 2005 from the main MDC formed in 1999 by former trade unionists.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga said the party had decided to fire Mutambara from the party for refusing to vacate the deputy prime minister post to pave way for Ncube. The party said they had discovered that Mutambara was now taking instructions from Zanu (PF), Mugabe’s party.

“Our President Ncube said, President Mugabe said that I don’t want to make the changes in government. President Mugabe said you can go and tell your national council that I, Robert Mugabe don’t want to,” said the secretary general of the MDC.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga said Mugabe’s dictatorial tendencies had shown that whatever he said he stuck to it and so the MDC had given up their move to have Mutambara removed from his deputy prime minister’s post. The party said it would not waste ‘time’ on issues that would not make them move forward.

“We understand that President Ncube will not be sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister. We know that President Mugabe has done this before, we know although he has promised to swear Roy Bennett if he was acquitted and that he will be sworn in as the Deputy Minister. We know that has not happened,” said Misihairabwi-Mushonga.

“We understand the position of President Mugabe to mean that it is not going to happen that our president is not going to be the Deputy Prime Minister.President Mugabe has once again violated the GPA and he will continue to violate the GPA,”she said.

“Mutambara is now a deputy prime minister who is representing Zanu (PF),” she added. “This is because he has been protected by President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and therefore we have effectively donated both the position and Arthur Mutambara to Zanu (PF).”

However, the MDC said it will continue to engage Southern Africa Development Committee for the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to be implemented.