Mutambara MDC Suffers More Defections

Jenifer Bent and John Ferguson councilors for Ward 6 and 5 respectively defected to the mainstream MDC at City hall during a rally addressed by Tsvangirai at the weekend.

Bent and Ferguson were part of the six MDC Mutambara councilors in the Bulawayo city council.

The  two councilors  told  Tsvangairai  and  his  more than 500 supporters that  “they had  returned  home  for  good”

Speaking to journalists after the rally Bent who used to lead the MDC Mutambara councilors in Bulawayo council said she worked with Tsvangirai before the original MDC split in 2005 and wanted to continue working with him.

“I started working with Tsvangirai long back and I want to continue working with him. I was just in MDC Mutambara because when the party splitted in 2005 we followed David Coltart.I realized  later  that  I had made  a  mistake  that is  why  I have  decided  to  come  back home  today,” said Bent.

In the past recent months the MDC Mutambara party has experienced group resignations by disgruntled members exasperated by the leadership wrangles between party President Mutambara and his secretary-general Welshman Ncube who is reportedly eyeing the post of president . Most of those who are resigning are joining the mainstream MDC.

During the rally Tsvangirai  told  his supporters   that  the only  reason he went  into a  unity  government  was to  save them as they had suffered  too much under  Zanu (PF) regime.