Mutambara Misrepresented Facts On Governors

Radio VOP has it on good authority that the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, will on Friday release a statement shooting down Mutambara’s claims.

The main MDC’s national spokesperson, Nelson Chamisa said on Thursday that it was not true that Tsvangirai had agreed to resolve the issue of governors only when sanctions are removed.

“All I can tell you for now is that it is false. The issue of restrictions and governors do not mix. The issue of restrictions is a process while the issue of provincial governors is an event. We control the issue of governors but we can’t control the issue of restrictions imposed by some other countries.

“An appropriate statement will be issued by the party leadership in due course,” said Chamisa.

Investigations by Radio VOP have revealed that Mutambara, who has always sided with President Robert Mugabe against Tsvangirai in the GPA discussions, was tasked with writing to Zuma on what they had agreed but misrepresented facts.

It has been established that he connived with Mugabe to give an impression that even Tsvangirai had agreed to the deal.

 The controversial letter has now stalled the appointment of provincial governors even after the principals were mandated by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to make sure they resolved all outstanding issues within a month.

But Mutambara is insisting that Tsvangirai agreed with the idea of swearing in provincial governors concurrently with the removal of sanctions by the West.

“What I wrote to President Zuma, I did so on behalf of the three principals after consultations, if you have checked, none of them have challenged the letter,” he said.

“I would be very interested if the two deny that. I was tasked to write two letters, one on June 10 and another one on August 5 and Zuma’s report was based on my letter.”

“It was agreed after the Maputo (Sadc) Troika meeting, that that effort has to be linked to the appointment of provincial governors because some of us have not been calling for their removal. Some ministers, even in their documents, would not talk of sanctions and if you don’t talk of sanctions you are violating the GPA.”

“Some of the ministers and ambassadors — what they say in public was different from what they say in private. We, therefore, said it should be done simultaneously and concurrently, but the MDC-T say there is no link. That is a lie, that’s a spin by the MDC-T.

“The MDC-T should prove that they are sincere. Whether they are removed or not it’s another issue but our messages are very important. Let’s shame them by speaking against sanctions. There is no investor who can put his money when the Head of State for that country is under travel ban,” Mutambara was quoted as saying in the government mouthpiece, The Herald.