Mutambara Top Ally Resigns

Mashiri did not deny or accept the allegations as he insisted that it was a bit premature to discuss the issue with the press.

“Who leaked that story to the press? We cannot discuss our problems with the press, if there is something then you will hear it through normal channels. The national chairman (Mudzumwe) will give a press conference in due time,” said Mashiri.

National chairman Jourbert Mudzumwe could not be reached for a comment.

Close sources told Radio VOP on Tuesday that Mashiri’s resignation has sent shock waves in the party as Mutambara is reported to be organising an emergency meeting to make sure that they stop Mashiri from dumping the party.

Mashiri secured the post of national organising secretary in the party after he tirelessly fought side by side with Mudzumwe in defending Mutambara’s legitimacy.

However, party officials reiterated that Mutambara should be very careful if he is prepared to have a political party.

“Mashiri’s case is just a teaser; a lot of people are disgruntled, they might all soon fall out and join Tsvangirai. There is lack of co-ordination in the party as Mutambara seem to be too much in government business and nothing else,” said a source that declined to be named.