Mutambara Under Fire From Main MDC Faction

During a question and answer session in parliament on Wednesday, Mutambara said there was nothing wrong with Mugabe’s unilateral appointment of the provincial governors and said if Tsvangirai had problems with it, he had to approach the courts.

Mutambara attacked Tsvangirai for writing to the United Nations, European Union and South Africa disowning the appointments but in a statement, the MDC hit back and labeled him a Zanu (PF) supporter.

The MDC described Mutambara as a ‘lean thinker’ on Thursday, saying he was trying to be a representative of those who rejected him in the March 2008 elections when he contested for a parliamentary seat in Chitungwiza and lost.

“The MDC dismisses Arthur Mutambara’s attempts to act as a Zanu (PF) side kick. The formation of the Inclusive Government brought in undemocratic and un-elected leaders-the likes of Mutambara, who is trying to be relevant on the political stage by leading a little entity, which at present is disintegrating.

“His contribution in the Inclusive Government has been to try and outshine Zanu (PF) by being more Zanu (PF). For a man who cannot win an election in a burial society, we find his actions unacceptable.

“The fact of the matter is that Mugabe unlawfully appointed Provincial Governors, Ambassadors, the Attorney – General, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor. The reality on the ground is that Mugabe unlawfully appointed judges and the Police Service Commission.

“Therefore, for Mutambara to pretend that he does not know the reality of that is not only mendacious but exposes the political opportunist that he is,” read part of the statement by the party.

The statement noted that the Global Political Agreement signed by Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara had in many ways helped the people of Zimbabwe by ensuring that everyone had, at least, access to basic human rights – the right to food, shelter, health and education.

Ironically, the Mutambara faction issued a statement last week condemning Mugabe on the appointment of the provincial governors. Analysts pointed out on Thursday that Mutambara’s divergent remarks were an indication that his MDC was disintegrating.