‘Mutare Hostel haunted by ghosts’

By Monalisa Matongo

MUTARE – Some Matida Hostel residents say they suspect their place is haunted by ghosts which they claim to be seeing in bathrooms and main passages during the night.

The residents claim that deceased individuals who lived in the hostels decades ago are coming back as apparitions.

“Some people were brutally murdered in these hostels some time ago and their embittered spirits are coming back to haunt this place. We heard that the people who committed the murders used to stay at these hostels as well,” said Mallon Ngaru.

Cllr Elizarbeth Tsoro of Sakubva Ward 2 said the paranormal developments had seen some hostel-dwellers avoiding using the bathrooms in the after-hours.

The council-owned, heavily congested hostels, which have largely fallen into a state of disrepair, can be equated to the notorious Matapi flats in Mbare, Harare.

Their sanitary facilities are broken and the passages are unlit, with many families using bathrooms and toilets communally.

“The ghosts are said to be visible not only to adults but also to young children and they are mostly seen in the bathrooms. I am working to persuade council to prioritise resuscitating the lighting systems of the hostels,” said Tsoro.

The hostels are also prone to burglars that take advantage of the dark passages and rundown security systems.