Mutare Man In Trouble Over Mugabe Remarks

Maxwell Mutsetse (30), of Mutare, is facing charges of contravening section 33 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act after he allegedly insulted and undermined Mugabe’s authority by uttering words to do with the octogenarian leader’s male sexuality.

State prosecutor, Fletcher Karombe, told a Mutare Magistrates Court that Mutsetse uttered the following words “President Mugabe vakatenwa,handina basa nemusangano weZanu (PF) ndinosapota MDC uyezve President wangu ndiMorgan Tsvangirai”, which the State interpreted to mean, “President Robert Mugabe was not his President as his private parts were castrated.”

Karombe said an unidentified Zanu (PF) youth information and publicity secretary for a Mutare urban ward reported Mutsetse to the police who arrested him for insulting the Zanu (PF) leader.

Mutsetse, who is out of custody on $50 bail, returns to court next month where prosecutors hope to have secured authority to prosecute from the Attorney General Johannes Tomana and proceed with the case.

Influential human rights lawyers’ group, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights say dozens of Zimbabweans have been charged with undermining or insulting Mugabe across the country.

Last year, Movement for Democratic Change legislator for Nyanga North, Douglas Mwonzora, was charged with undermining the authority of or insulting President Robert Mugabe for allegedly enquiring on the health status of the former freedom fighter.

The police claimed that Mwonzora, who is a joint chairperson of the Constitution Select Committee caused ridicule, contempt and hatred of Mugabe when he uttered the following words; “Makadii baba? Iri sei mwiri? Riri sei ziso?”, which the police translated to mean, “How are you father? How is your health? How is your eye?”

Mwonzora allegedly stated the words during a court appearance in Nyanga while pointing to a portrait of Mugabe dangling in court.

Besides Mwonzora, several legislators from Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s MDC including Morgan Komichi,  Eliah Jembere and Pishai Muchauraya have been arraigned before the courts for allegedly insulting Mugabe.