Mutasa Calls For Purging Of Wiki leaks ‘Sellouts’

Mutasa was quoted in the state controlled Sunday Mail saying those named in the secret meetings with US diplomats are ”sellouts who must be punished”.
Mutasa told party supporters in Mutare last Saturday that the issue of Wikileaks has become a major challenge for the party.
“Those implicated should go through normal disciplinary procedures of the party. If anyone is found guilty of having sold out he or she must be punished accordingly”, he said.
Mutasa is the party secretary of administration and Minister of State for Presidential Affairs in the President’s Office.
Mutasa cautioned against selective application of the law saying ,”there should be no selective application of the law. If some were punished in the past for selling out, the same should happen to those implicated in the Wiki leaks saga” he added.
The explosive cables released last week exposed top Zanu-PF officials among them Vice President Joyce Mujuru, Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono, Ministers Saviour Kasukuwere, Sylvester Nguni among others and expressed concern about President Robert Mugabe’s continued stay in office.
Gono is said to have explained that Mugabe has prostrate cancer and will not live beyond 2013.  Also implicated are the late Vice President Joseph Msika and General Solomon Mujuru who both confirmed were against President Robert Mugabe’s stay in power.
Mugabe is still to make public statements over the Wiki leaks saga. Last week Attorney General Johannes Tomana told Radio VOP exclusively that “there will be no sacred cows” in arresting those exposed by Wiki leaks.