Mutasa Damascene Moment Continues After 'Worst Day' In His Zim Life

By Dylan Murambgi 

Harare, August 28, 2016 – FORMER state security minister Didymus Mutasa continues on his Damascene moment, this time making astonishing claims that Friday’s violent breaking of a lawful protest by police was the “worst day” of his life in Zimbabwe.

The onetime self proclaimed Manicaland godfather before his ignominious fall from grace was speaking to the press in the aftermath of violent scenes that engulfed central Harare following the ban on the multi-party march.

“Today (Friday) has been for me the worst day that I have lived in this country where I have observed with my own eyes the state breaking its own laws and it’s the state starting violence by attacking people who had gathered together throwing teargas at them and hitting them with water cannons,” Mutasa said at a press briefing that had hastily been called by conveners of the foiled march.

Police beat up protesters who took to the streets in anger after the blocking of a march that had been sanctioned by the courts.

Journalists were also caught up in the mayhem, something Mutasa said was way too horrifying for him.

“I have never seen that anywhere in the world except today in Zimbabwe.

“If that was intended to cow us from demonstrating, I want to say the opposite has been the case.”

The once Zanu PF’s number five in command was in 2014 ousted as party secretary for administration and the country’s security minister for belonging to a group of politicians allegedly fronted by then Vice President Joice Mujuru for fanning party factionalism.

During his heyday, the once feared Zanu PF legislator was said to have led a reign of terror against opposition supporters.

At one point, he was implicated in the gruesome murder of 12-year-old Headlands boy, son to an MDC-T loyalist whose home was torched by alleged Zanu PF supporters in 2013.

In 2008, Mutasa also infuriated Zanu PF opponents and civic groups when he, as security minister, stifled attempts by Jestina Mukoko’s lawyers to have the Zimbabwe Peace Project director’s abductors believed to be members of the Central Intelligence Organisation identified in court.


Mutasa has also been part of President Robert Mugabe’s successive governments which visited terror episodes which have hounded millions to safer territories abroad.