Mutsvangwa Tears Into G40 'Lunatics'

War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa Thursday tore into the so-called G40 group of Young Turks in Zanu PF warning the ruling party’s old guard would deal with them mercilessly in order to stop them from usurping power from President Robert Mugabe. 

G40 is a Zanu PF faction reportedly fronted by Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and is believed to be battling Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the race to succeed Mugabe.

In an interview with a South Africa television news channel yesterday ANN7TV, Mutsvangwa said the G40 was led by an errant professor and described it as made up of “nauseating lunatics, diversionists and misguided power-hungry clowns”.

“Generation 40 is just a nuisance to the party. There are cronies of diversionists coming from power-hungry clowns misguided by errant professors from nowhere who have found their way into the party,” Mutsvangwa said.“They absconded the war when sovereignty was at stake. And when there was need for courage and sacrifice to fight for Zimbabwe, they ran away. Now they are trying to bask in new-found glory.”

He was responding to a question soliciting his views on the internal fights in Zanu PF between the Young Turks and the older generation.

Mutsvangwa has warned that the G40 plot to unseat Mugabe would be stillborn. He said the grouping would face a similar fate as former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

Mujuru and over 140 senior party members, including government ministers, were sacked from Zanu PF on allegations of plotting against Mugabe. The G40 is reportedly fighting for control of the former guerilla movement with a faction led by Mnangagwa in a bid to succeed Mugabe.

Mutsvangwa said war veterans were the vanguard of Zanu PF, and would protect the liberation movement from the G40.

“No single fisher organisations has succeeded outside the legitimacy conferred by the liberation war. They mean nothing and will fail the way the Mujuru cabal failed…they should stop it now. They won’t succeed against war veterans, they are too young,” he said.

The G40 was active in the ouster of Mujuru, and the grouping is reportedly trying to bring on board Mugabe’s wife, Grace, to bolster their bid to stop Mnangagwa from assuming the Presidency.