Mwenezi man begs court for protection against abusive wife

By Cephas Shava

MWENEZI – A Mwenezi man who claims to be a victim of domestic violence has approached the Mwenezi Civil Court seeking a protection order against his wife whom he claimed to be abusive.

Self-employed electrician Munyaradzi Mungawau pleaded with magistrate Honest Musiiwa to save him from his wife Vonai Mapingire.

Mangwau explained his troubles and showed the court the scars he claimed were a result of the abuse.

“Your Worship, one day I came back home a bit late after spending some time at my second wife’s place. Though I was a bit drunk, I understood what was happening. She beat and attacked me with a half-brick on my face.

“I beg this court to intervene so that my wife does not beat me and we refrain from fighting as has become the norm. I also ask the court to order my wife to return my cell phones and work tools which she forcefully took after the scuffle,” Mangwau said.

On her part, Mapingire claimed it was Mangwau himself who was very abusive and had once assaulted her in public before leaving her for dead.

“I just took his cell phone but I never beat him, he is lying. In fact, he is the one who is very abusive. On that day, he beat me in public and there are many eyewitnesses. I was left severely bleeding and I filed a police report.

“When I came back to him for some money for medical treatment, he refused. He beat me and this affected a surgical operation I have on my body,” she countered.

Musiiwa took his time to counsel the couple and advised them to always observe peace and refrain from fighting.


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