Mwenezi prophet sends women to collect soil from grave

By Cephas Shava

MWENEZI – A woman was recently hauled before Chief Chitanga’s court where she was fined a cow for allegedly conspiring with a friend to take soil from a grave at her neighbour’s homestead for use at church as had been instructed by a so-called prophet.

Rumbidzai Rudita of Helani village under Chief Chitanga (in picture) is, however, disputing the verdict and has launched an appeal at the Mwenezi Magistrates’ Court.

She argues that she was wrongly convicted because it was only her friend Olipa who took the soil on her own as had been instructed by the self-styled prophet.

“One day my friend Olipa, who works at Livison Magweva’s homestead, and I went to church (Masowe) at Lundi where Madzibaba had a revelation on Olipa. He called me closer so that I could also hear what he wanted Olipa to do. He told her to go take some soil from the graveyard at the homestead where she works.

“I was therefore shocked to be implicated in all this. Olipa went alone and took the soil from the grave and I was nowhere near that.

“Yes, I was there when she was given the instruction by the prophet but I was not there when she went and collected the soil. I have therefore filed papers at the higher court to appeal the conviction and judgement,” said Rudita.

No comment could be obtained from Chief Chitanga as his phone was not reachable by the time of going to print.

Under Zimbabwean law, it is illegal to temper or desecrate a grave or tomb where the dead have been buried.


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