Mwenezi Villagers Face Victimisation Following Mugabe’s Election Call

Mugabe and his party resolved to call for elections this year at their party congress held in Bulawayo last December, accusing the shaky inclusive government of not working.

The calls however, have since seen Zanu-PF youths and war veterans going into an election mood, as they have started campaigning for the ageing leader by forcing villagers to attend meetings where they are being threatened with untold suffering should they vote for bitter rival
MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Villagers told Radio VOP that the boring life  of election time has returned in their district.

“Since the announcement by Zanu pf that they would be election this year at their congress last year, war veterans and youths started coming to force us to attend their meetings. They are threatening to punish us if we do not vote for Mugabe and Zanu-PF ,”said Trust Tsakelani of Sarauro village.

The villagers said the war veterans and the youths said they had been sent by the party leadership to warn and threaten them so that the 2008 situation that saw the thumbing of Mugabe by Tsvangirai will not be repeated.

MDC secretary for information in Mwenezi, Douglas Hlekani confirmed to Radio VOP that the youths and war veterans were threatening party supporters and villagers.

“It’s true that war veterans and youths from Zanu-PF have started forcing our supporters and villagers here to their meetings. They are moving door to door and at times force march people to their mini-rallies where they are threatening a ravaging war if their President Mugabe is beaten.

They are also telling them that soldiers would be on stand by to deal with them if they defy their threats,” said Hlekani.

But Hlekani scoffed at the threats and said his party was not aware of any elections this year.

“I am shocked by their behaviour how  could they do that when we have even not agreed on elections this year. We are however telling our supporters and the people of Zimbabwe not to be intimidated by a dying party.

“I think they are crazy but we are planning to engage our leadership to tell Zanu-PF to stop intimidating villagers,” he said.

But villagers also said that they have been told to prepare for night meetings popularly known as (Pungwes) in the district as Zanu-PF take the issue of elections this year seriously.

Zanu-PF national deputy political commissar, Talent Majoni could neither confirm nor decline the issue.

“I will have to comment on that later because I have to figure out something before I say anything, I will come back to you later,” he said before hanging up his mobile.