NANGO Mulls Pulling Out Of Constitution Making Process

“Debates are taking place around the civil society on whether to continue with this process which has a lot of pot holes. What we are
saying is that we cannot allow politicians to go ahead making the critical law of the country on their own, and there are critical preparations going on around the issue of the constitution,” said NANGO’s chief executive officer Cephas Zinhumwe.

“What we want to tell the nation is that as civic society…we want is to find ourselves prepared for any eventuality. We are preparing our sword meaning that we preparing ourselves around such critical issues. We are having committees, think tanks, which are focusing on these issues “he said.

The civil society is currently divided over the constitution making process with non governmental organisations such as the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) led by Dr Lovemore Madhuku, the Zimbabwe Congress  of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and the Zimbabwe National Students Association of Student Unions (ZINASU) running a parallel campaign called “Take Charge.”

The Global political Agreement (GPA), which gave birth to the inclusive government a year ago, provides for the crafting of a new constitution to pave way for fresh elections. However, the constitution making process has been marred with delays, confusion, infighting and lack of funds.

Zinhumwe said he was worried by statements by some politicians who were calling for elections even before the new constitution had been put in place.

President Robert Mugabe is on record as having said elections were going to be held next year whether a new constitution was written or not. This has, however, been contradicted by Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who has insisted that fresh elections in Zimbabwe can only be held under a new constitution.