National dialogue hopes dashed, as Chamisa seeks regional and global interventions

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Revelations by MDC Alliance leader president Nelson Chamisa indicate that the talks between the opposition party and President Emmerson Mnangagwa will no longer ensue as the former is now piling   pressure on regional and international blocs to intervene in the Zimbabwean crisis.

The 40-year-old opposition leader was speaking on Tuesday  at a press conference  which  was held at a ‘charred’ reception of Harvest House,the party headquarters with Chamisa saying  the choice of the venue was to show the ‘sign  of terrorism’ by  the suspected  ruling party  members.

Chamisa said his party  is already seized with taking the citizens’ concerns to regional and international bodies despite some like SADC having been unresponsive to some pleas the opposition party made before.

“We are escalating this matter to regional bodies. My worry is that I have previously engaged them and have not received any response.

“I don’t how many dead bodies and how much blood must flow on the streets of Harare first, before we see the intervention of regional bodies,” queried Chamisa.

The 2018 presidential aspirant blasted the state security agents for the crackdown on suspected organisers of the recent deadly protests which he believes are even uglier than under former President Robert Mugabe’s government.

“It is now 14 months since the exit of   Mugabe from the political scene but what we are seeing is the escalation of terror which makes Mugabe a baby in far act of terrorism concerned,” added the MDC Alliance president.

The opposition party is also recording the gross human violations that are being perpetrated on suspected organisers of the protestors and questioned why MDC Alliance leaders are being targeted.

“We have received cases of  terrorism which are happening across the whole country with some people being raped by people who claim to be state agents and we have our members who are also facing various charges with their crime being that they are members of MDC,” fumed the former student activist.

According to the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, the death toll of the protests is 12 with over 78 people being treated for gunshot   wounds. Scores of women who featured in an international news agency claimed they were raped by state security agents.

Recently Sky News carried a report with a video of security forces members beating an unarmed man  which however the police on  Tuesday claimed it is an old video which could have happened during former President Robert Mugabe’s administration.

The police also insist that all the women that were raped by suspected ‘rogue elements’   within the military and police should report the matter so that investigations can be conducted.