NCA Campaigns For A No Vote Of Constitution

The constitutional pressure said the process led by the Parliamentary Select Committee(COPAC) will produce a flawed outcome because of the chaos and confusion that has so far characterised the public consultations.

“The NCA, through the Take Charge Campaign  have already started the campaign for the  rejection of a draft constitution that will  emerge from the fraudulent process currently underway and led by selfish greedy politicians from Zanu (PF) and MDC,” Madock Chivasa, the NCA spokesperson said at the weekend.

NCA led a “NO” vote campaign in 2000, which led to the rejection of the constitutional draft that was produced by the Chidyausiku-led commission.

The draft among other things kept Mugabe’s powers intact and had no provision for presidential term limits.

Like the 2000 draft, the outcome of the current process is likely to keep the status quo with regards to presidential affairs because of Zanu PF’s spirited campaign for the adoption of the Kariba Draft.

The draft, a product of a compromise between Zanu (PF) and the two MDC parties leaves presidential powers largely intact.

The NCA argues that the current constitution making process should be led by an independent commission, not politicians as is the case.

“The process of making a constitution is as important as the content of the constitution. A defective constitution-making process leads to a defective constitution. The only process that is valid for the
making of the constitution is a people driven process, because a constitution must be by, and for, the people,” said Chivasa.

Analysts have predicted that due to the intimidation, maladministration and political jockeying among political parties and a general logistical chaos, the process will not reflect fairly the views of the people.

The on and off process has so far been characterised by massive intimidation of rural villagers, propaganda education, consultation venue switches and gagging of opinions.