“The resolution, which was unanimous, was made at the NCA’s National Consultative Assembly meeting held at the NCA’s Headquarters in Harare (Sunday). The decision was made after the realisation that the MDC-T’s participation and involvement in the  COPAC (Constitution Select Committee) process is in total deviation from the principles and vision of the NCA, whose vision is a new democratic people driven constitution,” reads the statement.

NCA has been condemning the parliament led constitution since its inception two years ago arguing that the supreme law of the country should be spearhead by an independent body. It has embarked a No Vote Campaign for the referendum on the new constitution.

The move, to expel MDC-T and other civic organisations which participated in the government led constitution making process from NCA was adopted by NCA Taskforce on Sunday.

In an interview with Radio VOP on Monday NCA spokesperson Madock Chivasa said they were yet to formally inform MDC-T and other organisations which he said expelled themselves from NCA because of taking part in the parliament led constitution making process and defaulting meetings.

“Yes I can confirm that development but I want you to know that it’s not only the MDC-T which has expelled itself but several organisations which were affiliated to the NCA. We have not yet officially informed these organizations of their expulsion as the decision was reached at yesterday (Sunday) but we are going to write to them very soon.

It was also noted that the MDC-T had not been attending NCA Taskforce meetings since 2009.

MDC-T at the weekend admitted that the ongoing constitution making process was flawed and promised to rewrite a perfect one when they get into power, a statement which NCA dismissed as ‘nonsensical’.

“Who told them that they will get into power any time soon and who are they to tell people that a constitution will be rewritten? As NCA we insist that politicians should not dictate who when and how a constitution should be written. For how long has MDC-T been in politics and not getting the chance to rule the country and what guarantee do they have that they will get into power soon?”Chivasa questioned.

The meeting which endorsed the expulsion of MDC-T from NCA was attended by the NCA Taskforce, Provincial Chairpersons, and constituency representatives.