NCA shuns donor funds

The NCA through a strategic meeting held from the 24th of July to July 27, resolved that the organisation shall not be dependent on donor support for its programmes saying they will ask members to contribute to its functions.
“The NCA shall not be dependent on donor funds and therefore calls upon the membership to pay subscriptions to sustain the organization,” the NCA said in a statement.
The NCA said it totally rejects the constitutional making process led by the parliamentary select committee adding that the current process cannot produce a people driven constitution.
“The NCA reiterates its total rejection of the COPAC process. In view of the obvious fact that the COPAC process cannot produce a democratic and people driven constitution, the NCA is intensifying its campaign for a NO VOTE should a referendum be called. noted the statement.
“This campaign cannot wait for the content of the COPAC draft as it is clear that the politicians in the GPA are not interested in producing a democratic constitution for Zimbabwe,” it added
The NCA also said it is currently embarking on an intensive membership drive meant to re-organize the organization to its founding values and traditions.
Zimbabweans are currently making a new constitution in line with the requirements of the transitional process which will see the country going for elections after the writing of a new constitution.

The Global Political Agreement (GPA) which stipulates that the country will adopt a new constitution but does not state what will happen if Zimbabweans reject the constitution being made.