Ncube Is Best Leader For Zimbabwe: Mpofu

Speaking to Radio Vop from Bulawayo, Alderman Mpofu said at the moment there is no politician  in Zimbabwe who can match Ncube’s brilliance and leadership qualities.He said parties such as Zapu should disband and its supporters join Ncube’s party.

“ You see, Ncube is the best leader we have at the moment in Zimbabwe.He is a brilliant political strategist and popular and is also with Sadc leaders.Tsvangirai can have the largest MDC but he is only relying on a tribal vote to win the elections.That is why I am urging Zimbabweans to vote for Ncube in the elections, ” said Mpofu who clashed several times with Japhet Ndabeni Ncube when he was the city’s executive Mayor.

Mpofu said he defected from Zapu to MDC a few weeks ago because he realised Ncube’s party was the only genuine political party which has also supported devolution of power while Tsvangirai is still not clear on the issue.He said he left Zapu because party leader and former Zipra intelligence chief, Dumiso Dabengwa was running the organisation as a personal business entity.

“ As they say life begins at 40 and ends at 70.Ncube is at the peak of his political career but for Dabengwa who is more than 70, the sun is about to set and he should give others a chance to lead Zimbabwe, ” Mpofu told Radio Vop.Mpofu was among top leaders who were suspended by Zapu in 2009 for allegedly bringing the party into disrepute.