Ncube Is Fired From MDC: Mutambara

Mutambara convened a press conference on Tuesday evening ahead of a national council meeting of his party to decide on his fate after he defied calls to step down as deputy prime minister to pave way for the newly elected president of the party, Ncube.

“I had to take a very drastic decision to salvage the image of the party. To salvage the integrity of our movement and the decision sion is to immediately expel from our party, Professor Welshman Ncube,” Mutambara told journalists at a media conference at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare.

“As the legitimate president of the MDC I have taken the decision to immediately expel Welshman Ncube from our party. Because we feel that if we continue on this road of disagreement and discord in our party we will damage the image of our party.”

Mutambara said Ncube was no longer allowed to speak on behalf of the party. Mutambara on Monday said he did not recognise the leadership of Ncube saying he was not properly elected at the national party congress. He argued that the convener of the congress, the then chairperson, Joubert Mudzumwe did not attend the congress as per the country’s constitution.

Ncube has already met in talks with President Robert Mugabe over the issue to remove Mutambara from his post as per the recommendations of the party’s national executive committee.

Mugabe has said he needs to consult Tsvangirai on Ncube’s drive to push Mutambara out of government. Mutambara on Monday said:”I have no intention whatsoever to leave the position of deputy minister in the inclusive government. I will not abdicate from my national responsibilities in order to satisfy narrow party-political aspirations.”

He said under the Global Political Agreement (GPA), there was no provision to remove a sitting deputy prime minister.