Ncube Lambasts Mugabe Over His Military Credentials

“He (Mugabe) is not Commander In Chief by the decree of God,” Ncube said at a party rally in Harare’s high density Dzivarasekwa suburb Saturday.

“He is Commander In Chief by the choice of the people of Zimbabwe and when the people say we must reform this institution, he must accede to it because he is not Commander In Chief for himself.”

On Friday President Mugabe lashed out at both MDC formations for clamouring for security sector reforms over their continued biased towards the veteran leader’s party.

At a party meeting in Harare Friday, Mugabe was adamant no one would touch the country’s security organs and further berated the MDC for trying to seek the House’s support in taming the meddlesome service men.

Ncube told the estimated 200 plus crowd that President Mugabe should first allow the country’s security forces to do their work free of any political interference, stop manipulating electoral systems to his advantage as well as order his followers to stop violence on political opponents if he was so intent on having early elections in the

“Zanu PF should stop all the violence, disband the militias, and let our people be free. If the people are free, we can have an election next week, next month,” he said.

“It is within the power of Zanu PF to allow free to withdraw the violence, to allow free political activity, everywhere, every corner of this country.

“They must allow the police, the military to be free of political interference. They must allow the police and the military not to be the armed wing of a political party. If we had a free police force, if we had a professional police force, the violence in this country would stop tomorrow.”

The MDC leader was responding to continued utterances by President Mugabe and his party that the country would hold elections this year.

Ncube, who was accompanied by a handful of party leaders, among them his deputy Edwin Mushoriwa, further said Zanu PF was insincere in insisting on elections this year.

“The reality is that Zanu PF knows there would be no elect this year,” he said.

 “They are insisting on elections only rhetorically to keep galvanising their violent base. That’s the sole reason. So that their violent base thinks there are elections around the corner and they continue intimidating the people.”

By calling for early elections, Ncube said, Zimbabwe risked another disputed electoral outcome that will leave Zimbabwe a perpetual item on SADC’s agenda.