Ncube Savages Greedy War Veterans

By Staff Reporter

Harare, April 09, 2016 – MDC President Welshman Ncube has scorned a section of the country’s liberation war veterans for demanding to be glutted with abundant privileges at the expense of the entire nation.

Zimbabwe is in the throes of an economic crisis that has seen firms shut down and millions now eking out a living through street vending.

More have left the country in search of jobs in different parts of the world while university graduates have found themselves doing menial jobs.

The mess has been attributed to President Robert Mugabe’s populist but ruinous economic policies that have driven many into penury.

Faced with a rare opportunity to remind their liberation war comrade, Mugabe to go back to the selfless ideals of the bitter liberation war on Thursday, war veterans chose to disappoint, instead demanding school fees for their own children and front positions in the country’s long queue to access wealth generating resources.

The country’s liberation heroes’ demands came after they successfully arm-twisted the same government in 1997 to disburse unbudgeted Z$50 000 payouts in what triggered an economic freefall that is being felt to date.

But writing in his weekly column on RadioVOP, Ncube slammed a crop of war veterans for alleged greed and selfishness.

“For the umpteenth, time since that fateful day in 1997, a small band of self-anointed heroes has sown the seed of greed and avarice that it is only them and a few thousand citizens entitled to handouts, free education, free health and pension,” he said.

Ncube also condemned some war veterans now ensconced in top leadership positions in government and the civil service for alleged plunder at the expense of those they liberated from the York of colonialism.

“A hero does not demand, take by force, kill the innocent or insult the very community that nurtured him. A hero fights on the side of the poor, the oppressed, the weak and the sick,” said the MDC leader.

“A hero does not occupy the front seat of the gravy train, but rather, he lies across its track and dares it to run him over in protest against predatory parasitism.

“Genuine heroes do not evict villagers from their ancestral land to plunder diamonds and stash the profits in foreign lands, they do not watch, in bemused silence, as hospitals and roads crumble; companies close and as millions of citizens they helped liberate from colonialism leave the country in search of greener pastures in foreign lands.”

The former GNU industry minister said there were however other war heroes who have “refused to be drawn into this diabolic sandstorm of ruthlessness and toxic entitlement”.

He challenged them not remain silent in the current oppression by Mugabe’s regime.


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