Ncube Shoots Down Tomana’s EU Claims

Ncube said Ministers have only learnt about moves by Attorney General, Johannes Tomana to sue the EU on newspapers and state radio.

“It has not been discussed at Cabinet level. We have only learnt about that (suing the EU) on newspapers and state radio. We have not been briefed,” Ncube said in his response to Radio VOP inquiries on the
cabinet position on suing the EU.

Ncube however said his party supports the removal of sanctions, adding that they are an obstacle to economic development and are hurting Zimbabwe.

“Indeed anyone who supports democracy in Zimbabwe must support the removal of sanctions. They (sanctions) are being used by Zanu-PF to deny Zimbabweans their democratic rights.

“Furthermore, sanctions are hurting Zimbabwe. It is because of these sanctions that Zimbabwe has a poor credit rating internationally, they are an obstacle to free trade and business,” he added.

The country’s AG was quoted by state Herald newspaper last week saying he has assembled a team of lawyers to file a lawsuit against the EU, adding that what is left is to get the necessary travel documents to enable us to travel to Europe.”

Tomana would not give the exact details contained in the lawsuit, saying that it is not yet a public document, The Herald said.

Mugabe and his close associates were slapped with travel bans to European Union member countries after 2002 disputed presidential poll, which western observers said were rigged to hand Mugabe victory.

Last week Switzerland denied Mugabe’s wife, Grace and five government officials’ visas to travel with the veteran leader to the European country to attend a United Nations telecommunications conference.