Ncube Threatens To Stall Constitution Making Process

Ncube accused Mugabe and Tsvangirai of protecting Mutambara despite a High Court ruling by Justice Lawrence Kamocha barring the controversial politician from acting as a principal on behalf of MDC. Mutambara has appealed the ruling.

Ncube elbowed out Mutambara as party leader in a bloodless coup at a controversial congress held in Harare early 2010, setting the stage for bruising legal battles.

Mugabe and Tsvangirai have given COPAC until March, 15, 2012 to complete the draft constitution. According to officials from COPAC the review of the first draft has been completed and would be forwarded to the principals within the prescribed period.

Ncube said his party will not sign the COPAC document which it is not party to.

“We will not have anything to do with COPAC because we cannot take part in a process when we are not represented. Mutambara has no party he controls and the Kamocha judgment was very clear that he cannot masquerade as a principal until there is a court order setting aside congress,” he charged.

“Mugabe and Tsvangirai are still recognising Mutambara despite the judgement giving an excuse that they will wait for the outcome of the court case and as such we will not recognise any decisions coming from the trio which do not involve us,” Ncube said.

“Mutambara is buying time using the courts so that he retains his post as deputy prime minister because he does not have a party and does not represent any constituency. He is just a mud bull. He cannot do anything on his own but waits for (President) Mugabe and (Prime Minister) Tsvangirai to make sounds for him,” added Ncube.