Ncube Under PressureTo Resign As Fresh Fissures Rock MDC

Harare, February 08, 2016 – MDC leader Welshman Ncube has come under renewed pressure from party members to step down for alleged dictatorship and failing to turn around the fortunes of the breakaway party.

Ncube, elected president in 2011, is accused of poor leadership which has seen party support dwindle over the years and “despondence in the rank and file of the MDC”.

Over 60 MDC members led by ousted MDC acting secretary general Moses Mzila Ndlovu have petitioned the founding secretary general of the then united MDC to step down.

“We note with great sadness that during your tenure as president of the MDC party, you presided over a party whose membership continues to dwindle at an alarming rate,” reads the petition in part. It is dated February 5, 2016.

Disgruntled MDC members have accused Ncube of unilaterally introducing and elevating total strangers in the national executive claiming he was co-opting them for their rare skills, a decision that has further heightened tensions within the beleaguered opposition.

“How on earth do you hope to be the president of Zimbabwe if you cannot groom into leadership those that you have worked with since the founding of the party?

“We believe that good leaders develop and create other leaders,” the members say in their petition.

Ncube is further accused of imposing preferred candidates to contest the 2013 elections in Matabeleland provinces, in particular Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga who migrated from her Harare constituency to the safer Matabeleland South province which earned her a seat as proportional representation MP.

“It is common knowledge that members of that province tried to oppose this but failed.

“We ask you to reflect deeply and ask yourself a simple question, ‘what leader does this to his own people?” further reads the petition.

The former industry minister has further been accused of being intolerant to other views by party members.

“Your actions suggest that you see yourself as a centre of knowledge,” the members say.

“You have told members who openly express their dissatisfaction on how things are done in the party, that ‘the door is open for anyone who is not happy to leave the party’.

“A case in point is where one member of Matalebeland South Province, Angeline Ndlovu was shown the door for merely expressing her opinion. We take note that only arrogant leaders can do this.”

Ncube is further being accused by his lieutenants for “failing to protect the dignity of the family institution when amorous behaviour particularly between people in top leadership positions and vulnerable junior members became the norm in the party”.

“You have at some point when you were still the Secretary General of the party been accused by one former female employee of the party for sexual harassment. This has undoubtedly dented the image of the party,” they say.

“In view of all these flaws, it is our concrete conviction that you have dismally failed to lead the MDC party. We know not any success story in the party which can be associated with your tenure of leadership. We also strongly believe that you cannot be corrected.  

“It must also be mentioned here that our patience with you was informed by our optimism that one day you could see the need to change.

“We sadly realise that your unbridled conceit obscures your view of reality in the party. For this reason we say to you this far no further!

“We take this important decision to ask you to step down from the presidency of the MDC party and allow someone else to lead us.”

The MDC has suffered shock resignations by some of its top leaders in the past few months who have either returned to private lives or joined other opposition political parties.

The internal fissues within the former coalition partner during the country’s inclusive government period also led to Mzila Ndlovu’s ouster for alleged incompetence, accusations which the former national healing co-minister denies.