Ncube's MDC Is Dead: Zapu

Zapu national spokesperson and former Journalist Methuseli Moyo told Radio Vop that the current crisis in the smaller faction of the MDC has been the final nail in the coffin.
The crisis has been worsened by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara,s refusal to vacate his post after he was ordered to do so by the national executive council which met in Harare last week.
A day before he was fired, Mutambara countered and fired his first shot announcing that he had actually fired Ncube from the party and was resuming leadership.With open backing from President Robert Mugabe, Mutambara vowed he would not leave his DPM post.Ncube threw in the towel after sensing he was fighting a loosing battle.

“ The MDC is dead.They crucified themselves and they have been carrying the cross since 2005 split, ” said Moyo whose party is also struggling to win back the support it had in the 80s when it was still led by the late vice-President Joshua Nkomo.
Moyo  said the  problem  with  MDC  leadership is  that  they have academic  approach to politics  and they  lack  stamina.
“Politics is like football. You need stamina and these guys might have ideas but they lack stamina, ” boasted Moyo.Both Zapu and the MDC led by Ncube have their support base in the Matabeleland region.
Responding to Moyo’s sentiments MDC Bulawayo province spokesperson Edwin Ndlovu  dismissed Moyo as a comedian who should not be taken seriously.  “ He is just a comedian and we are not going to take him and his party seriously. They don’t even qualify to comment about what is taking place in our party, ” Ndlovu told Radio Vop.
“ Zapu is just like Zanu (PF) there is no difference. The same  people  who are  in  Zapu  today  are the same  people who were  beating and torturing  opposition members but now  they claim to be  human rights  activists. Some few years back our offices here in Bulawayo were burnt by the same people when they were still in Zanu (PF) , ” added Ndlovu.
Ndlovu said MDC is part of the coalition government and will not waste time on petty issues.History has a tendency of repeating itself and moreso in the world of politics.In the 80s, soon after defecting to Zanu (PF) former Minister of Industry and Technology Callistus Ndlovu described Joshua Nkomo,s Zapu party as a “ dead donkey. ” Callistus was made to eat a humble pie when the same party he described as dead went on to win all the parliamentary seats seats in Matabeleland.