Ndanga Embroiled In Alleged Corruption,Abuse Of Office

Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) president Johannes Ndanga has been embroiled in an alleged case of corruption and abuse of office.

Ndanga, a Zanu(PF) apologist is alleged to have conned more than 20 thousand followers of their money in botched housing stands and vehicle schemes,according to ZBC News.

The ACCZ executive alleges it has been sidelined by Bishop Ndanga whom they accuse of making unilateral decisions.

ACCZ Vice President Bishop Erizari Jaramba says Ndanga misrepresented to the followers that he was organising housing stands for the followers and collected thousands of dollars from members who joined the ACCZ Housing Development Trust.

Ndanga is also accused of collecting money from his followers which he said was meant to buy state of the art vehicles for the church.

The ACCZ Vice National Chairperson Bishop Elliot Mugwambi encouraged all members who have been contributing money towards any of the dubious projects to bring their proof of payment.

Other members of the executive have passed a vote of no confidence in Bishop Ndanga saying he is defeating the purpose of the creation of the organisation by bringing the ACCZ into disrepute.

The Vapositori allege that Ndanga cannot account for 200 stands allocated by the local government for bishops in Masvingo, Chiredzi and Beitbridge.

They also accuse him of defrauding the organisation of 50 thousand dollars, part of it meant to pay the National Railways of Zimbabwe for carrying the members from Bulawayo to Harare for a prayer meeting.

ACCZ has since been summoned by the NRZ, a case which is before the High Court under HC 968/2015.

Contacted for comment, Bishop Ndanga referred the ZBC News to his lawyer, Advocate Lewis Uriri, who said he is preparing a written response.