Ndanga Urges Churches To Improve Prison Conditions

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Apostolic Christian Council of  Zimbabwe  president Johannes Ndanga has encouraged members of his organisation to support prisons whose state is now ‘deplorable.’

Speaking in Dewedzo , Rusape, recently where he was ordaining the leader of  Holy Mission Apostolic  Church Madzibaba Shepherd Bhunu,  Ndanga said prisoners are entitled to their rights even if they are incarcerated and the shortage of food in prisons is massive.

“Prisoners have their rights and the right to food is one of them (rights) but the state of our prisons now is sickening because there is not much food at the prisons ,”said Ndanga to hundreds of the Holy Mission Apostolic Church congregants.

Ndanga said churches should follow the gospel of God by supporting prisons by donating food and blankets among other essentials

“I am urging all churches if they can join in this worthy cause of supporting prisons by pooling resources and donating food and blankets among other necessities.

“It’s written in the bible and so we have to preach what we do,” urged the ACCZ president.

Ndanga also castigated apostolic churches who abuse children and women’s rights.

“We encourage apostolic churches to protect children and women’s rights. What Madzibaba Ishmael was doing  was abomination of children’s rights at its worst, how can you do virginity tests on your own daughters,” lambasted  Ndanga.

The ACCZ president also took a swipe at some Pentecostal prophets whom he accused of coming with prophecy that do not help in anyway improve the livelihoods of general populace.


“We have ‘vanaMagaya’(Prophet Walter Magaya of PHD ministries)they do speak of prophecy of your I.D numbers and many more other flimsy things, which is a absurd because people are not concerned with that why not rather  pray for the recovery of this economy so that people’s lives are changed,” added Ndanga.