Nearly 30 Dead in Congo Plane Crash – Report

Around 30 local people had been killed as the plane skidded off the runway and crashed into houses and a bar in the Congolese capital before crashing into a ravine, said Georgelin Massemba, head of the emergency services.
Earlier on Friday, emergency services had spoken of around 20 dead.
The crew, numbering three or four people, are thought to have died in the ensuing fire.
Another 20 or so people had been injured in the crash and taken to nearby hospitals, witnesses said.
The Ilyushin plane, registered with local company Aero-services, was flying in from the western port city of Pointe Noire carrying cars and other goods.
A journalist at the scene said the crash happened during a violent storm.
Two hours after the crash, firefighters were still scouring the wreckage to look for victims.
Although the plane was to carry freight, they sometimes also carry people other than the crew.- AFP