Nemanwa chieftainship revival has no effect on Charumbira: PA Mbetsa

By Mukai Musimwa

The impending resuscitation of the Nemanwa chieftainship should not cause friction with the Charumbira chieftainship because each will exist within its own boundaries, Masvingo Provincial Development Coordinator (PDC) Fungai Mbetsa has said.

Speaking in an interview with TellZim News this week, Mbetsa said suggestions that the revival of Nemanwa meant the end of Charumbira were baseless.

“The two chieftainships will exist side by side. What we are simply doing is the revival of a chieftainship which was displaced by colonialism. Nemanwa had since the arrival of colonialists been relegated to a headman and there are historical records to support that the chieftainship did exist and that it can be legitimately revived,” said Mbetsa.

He said Nemanwa will not encroach into Charumbira territory, but will maintain his existing boundaries and expand only into resettlement areas.

“There is land that had been forcibly taken by white settlers and that land has been returned to its rightful owners. That is the land into which Nemanwa will expand. There will be consensus with Charumbira on the boundaries and everything will work just fine. Nemanwa will not expand into communal areas beyond what he currently has as a headman; he will expand into resettlement areas,” said Mbetsa.

When asked when people could expect to see Chief Nemanwa being installed, Mbetsa said processes to organise the selection of the chief were still being followed.

“We must still do the selection processes in a procedural manner. There are possible candidates yes, but I cannot dwell much on that because it’s not yet as clear. When the selection processes is concluded, we will then have the person to be installed substantive chief,” said Mbetsa.

Current Headman Nemanwa, Paul Mavhima is the front runner in the race to become the first chief of the revived Nemanwa chieftaincy.

Mavhima had for long been fighting to have his jurisdiction made a chieftaincy, claiming that his forefathers were the real owners of the land which covers the Great Zimbabwe national monuments.

He has also laid claim to many areas currently presided over by Chief Fortune Charumbira who is the current president of the National Chiefs’ Council.

The Charumbira people fear that the revival of Nemanwa will spell doom to their own legitimacy as a chieftainship as Nemanwa has been said to have gained political support to have much of the Charumbira land handed over to him.

Mavhima has also clashed with Chief Mugabe who currently rules over the Great Zimbabwe national monuments and the surrounding areas.


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