'Nesto' To Release New Album In March

He said in an exclusive interview that the album would be much better than his famous “MaChocolate” which took Zimbabwe by storm last year.

“MaChocolate” had an immaculate video accompany it and it won several major awards on the local music circuit.

“In 2011 things are going to be fine and I am going to release my new album in March,” Nesto said in an interview.”I expect a lot of growth this year and will try to polish up my dance routines with my band members as soon as we begin recording our new album.”

The star musician said ever since the Zimbabwe dollar was dumped by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor, Dr Gideon Gono, things had improved dramatically for him and his band crew.

“The lead single of my new album will be Copacabana”,” he said.”This will be a year of huge growth…”

Nesto said he had teamed up with another top musician, Alexio Kawara, who had taught him many new dancing styles.

“Alexio has taught me a lot of things,” Nesto said.I have also travelled to many countries where I learnt a lot of other styles for the group. I got to meet with other different musicians on the trips that I took when I was out of the country learning my new styles.”

The star currently hosts the popular “Ladies Night” at The Balcony Restaurant and Night Club in Harare. This is among the most popular events at night during the week in the city – Harare – that refuses to sleep, according to Nesto.

“Wednesday nights will never be the same again because I plan on doing things differently this year,” Nesto said. “The Ladies Night is now very popular and I will try to make it even more popular during the year as things get hotter.”

Meanwhile Zimbabwe’s dance groups are currently very broke and are seeking funds to continue plying their trade, a survey has revealed.

The snap survey showed that most dance groups especially male dominated ones, are not getting any joy from entertaining huge crowds in bars and restaurants despite the fact that some of the venues will be filled to capacity.

“We get peanuts for what we do,” said a male dance group member in Harare.”The management of the places where we play take all the cash and sometimes give us as little as US$50 for the whole band which is very little when you consider the fact that there will be about 10 of us sometimes.”

Members of “Magesh”, a male only dance group from Bulawayo, said in an interview that they too needed sponsorship because they were failing to dance at major events due to the fact that they could not afford the huge transport costs that sometimes come with the trade.

“We have a new routine but we cannot do it because we are broke,” said Amos Mathie, one of the Magesh dancers in an interview after performing at The Balcony Restaurant and Bar.

“Our dance is very unique. In fact we are the Champions of the Jibilika Festival last year in Zimbabwe. So we are actually very great. What we need right now is sponsorship in order to continue entertaining our many fans.”

He said, however, 2011 would be much better than last year when the dance group did not have many shows in Harare where most of the cash is made.

“We are the best dance group right now. It is actually a shame when we cannot go to the places where we have been called to dance because we seriously need sponsorship. In 2011 I hope good things come our way.”

Another dancer with a Kwaito Group, “Amajimbos”, said in an interview that they also needed sponsorship.”I hope 2011 will improve,” he said. “We still need sponsorship. We are broke right now. Life in Harare is very expensive and we are finding it hard to survive as a group.

“2010 was OK I can say. But I expect things to get better this year in 2011. We want to change our dance routines because times and things are changing. People do not want to watch the same dance every time you get onto the dance floor.”

The Balcony Restaurant and Night Club’s DJ Dee Knife also known as Milton Nyabanga, said in an interview that 2011 was proving to be good for him.”More fire,” he said.

“Male dance groups are on the rise in Harare. I think the introduction of the United States dollar has also helped all of us as dancers in Zimbabwe. I play at mainly corporate functions, parties and outside areas in and around Harare. I also go out of town to several places to spin my music. I like The Balcony Restaurant very much.”