New Opposition Party Adds Voice To Diaspora Vote

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

A newly launched party United Freedom Party has also upped the ante on the need for the diaspora vote.

There has been a fervent push for the electoral body, ZEC, to allow citizens living in Diaspora to cast their votes and the opposition party UFP is supporting this call.

Officially launching the party on Thursday, UFP President Godwin Zivavose said if citizens in the Diaspora are granted the right to vote it will lead to significant economic growth.

“UFP will push for the Diaspora to be afforded the chance to vote. We value the Diaspora community and the role it can play in the transformation of the country’s economy.

“As a government, we will ensure the Diaspora population contributes constitutionally through the vote like we expect them to do economically through investing in the country,” said the SA-based opposition leader.

He also said the party’s main thrust is to foster inclusion.

“One of the key thrusts of UFP is ensuring the inclusion of hitherto excluded groups –the women, people with disabilities, the elderly who have been reduced to paupers after toiling for decades in employment, the poor, who ironically constitute the majority of our people and the youth among other key previously marginalised groups,” added the UFP President.

The party’s ideology is ‘hinged on developmentalism which places human capital, social,economic development and service delivery at the core of its political agenda and endeavours  ,ensuring legitimacy in leadership’.

According to the party’s national chairman Rodwell Machingauta, the opposition party is not a fly-by-night political party and the electorate should not doubt its intergrity.

“Unlike other opposition parties, we are sincere and here to stay. The electorate should have confidence in us because we are not a project of anyone,” assured Machingauta.

Machingauta added that the new opposition party does not believe in electoral pacts.

“We will not be coalescing or aligning with other political parties because we don’t see it as a worthy cause,” said Machingauta.

In attendance at the launch were some of the party’s prospective House of Assembly candidates from across the country.