New Soccer Coaches Body Seeks Recognition

According to a letter written by the union’s secretary general Newsome Mutema and dated 7 December, the union which is headed by Gunners coach Moses Chunga wants to be registered as an independent body outside the Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Association which is chaired by Beki Nyoni.

In addition, the union also wants a seat on the all powerful Zifa Council which at the moment has 35 members with voting powers. The Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Association has a seat in the Zifa Council.

Mutema himself revealed that they have submitted the relevant papers to Zifa for registration despite resistance from the Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Association who claim the new body constitutes a duplication of duties.

Zifa Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Mashingaidze, confirmed that they have received the coaches’ union’s letter but said the decision to accommodate them can only be made by the Zifa Council.

However, Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Association chairman, Nyoni is resisting the registration of the new coaches’ body saying there can only be one body that represents the interests of the coaches. That body, he says, is the one that he leads.

Nyoni says the Zifa Constitution is very clear that there can only be one coaches association adding that if Chunga and his colleagues have any problem with the way things are being done then they should say so through the designated channels.

‘It’s just unfortunate that when things are not working well people take advantage of the situation. I am ready to meet all the coaches and solve whatever problems which are perceived to be there,’ said Nyoni.

Nyoni said as far as he is concerned his executive is there to lead the coaches until their term expires in three years time. As chairman of the coaches’ association Nyoni is a member of the Zifa Council.

Ironically, Chunga contested and lost to Nyoni for the chairmanship of the Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Association while Mutema also contested the same elections and also lost.