New US Envoy Finally Arrives, Promises To Work For Justice

Counselor for Public Affairs at the US Embassy in Harare Sharon Hudson-Dean confirmed the arrival of the ambassador designate adding that he will formally begin his mission once he presents his credentials to President Mugabe.

“I am happy to confirm that ambassador Wharton and his wife arrived safely last night and he is ready to start as soon as he presents his credentials to President Mugabe,” Hudson-Dean told RadioVop Friday.

In his introductory video recorded message also he also posted on the internet prior to his arrival, Wharton said Zimbabweans, just like his countrymen back in America, deserved justice.

“…Justice, we all deserve it and we need strong institutions to defend and administer it. Zimbabweans and Americans have both fought for justice, know how important it is and know how it requires constant nurturing,” he said.

Bruce Wharton did not elaborate on this although it would immediately be construed as being directed at President Mugabe’s regime which has been accused of rights violations by the US.

Wharton, who has also done duty in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and South Africa, said he was excited to have been seconded to Zimbabwe by US President Barrack Obama.

“I am deeply honoured that President Obama has asked me to represent him in Zimbabwe and if Zimbabwe is willing to receive me. My family and I lived, worked and learnt in Zimbabwe a decade ago and we are excited about this opportunity to work with all of you again,” he said.

Wharton, who was sworn in as ambassador designate on the 10th of September this year, takes over from long serving and now retired diplomat Charles Ray.

Charles Ray bade farewell to Zimbabwe in July this year after a far from comfortable relationship with his hosts which was made worse by the 2011 WikiLeaks revelations which exposed his clandestine communication with some top politicians in Zimbabwe talking ill about their leaders.