New Women's Magazine For Zimbabweans

“The magazine called “Woman” has a red logo symbolising “danger” according to Chitapi. At the launch of the magazine, guests were encouraged to wear “red”.

Chitapi said she had decided to venture into publishing because she had “always wanted something challenging in my life and this is it”.

She said the “sky is not the limit for women especially journalists in Zimbabwe”. “Yes, times are hard right now but we as women must be very strong and go for the top jobs that men think they are the only ones who can do them such as publishing.”

The magazine is edited by business journalist, Dumisani Ndlela, who has worked for The Financial Gazette weekly newspaper.

The full colour magazine deals with topics such as women who have made it in society, health issues, sport, how one can find a job, as well as a Memo from the Publisher where Chitapi spills her heart out to the reading public.

The magazine was dished out free of charge to invited guests at the launch function held recently and also attended by Vice President, Joyce Mujuru.

Chitapi is currently Chief Executive of Precious Innovations (Private) Limited, a top Public Relations firm in Zimbabwe which handles such top clients as the Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG) and the Holiday Inn Group.

In her speech Mujuru praised Chitapi for her courage and encouraged other women to also venture into publishing in Zimbabwe.