Ngoda Breweries Brews Shocker For Delta Beverages

Harare, June 18, 2015 – Zimbabwe’s leading beverages maker Delta Beverages’ monopoly in the opaque beer market is under challenge after a new brewer introduced a new product to rival its long established traditional sorghum beer. 

Delta Beverages has for years enjoyed a monopolistic position in the beer market through its Chibuku Scud, Shake Shake and Chibuku Super, the country’s leading traditional sorghum opaque beer brands while brewers such as Ingwebu and Pungwe have dismally failed to break the company’s dominance of the beer market. 

But Delta Beverages’ monopoly is now set to be broken after a new brewer Ngoda Breweries recently launched a new traditional sorghum beer known as Ngoda traditional beer. 

Ngoda traditional beer is retailing at $1 which is the same retail price for Chibuku Super and the Ruwa based Ngoda Breweries seems to have snatched their manpower from Delta Beverages as the company boasts that some of its brewers have “over 40 years’ experience”.

Ngoda traditional beer’s tag line is “brewed just right” whilst Delta Beverages’ Chibuku Super’s goes with “taste the goodness”.

Delta Beverages’ Chibuku traditional beer which was first brewed in 1955 is brewed using the finest maize and sorghum grown in the southern African country.

In 2013 Delta Beverages introduced Chibuku Super, its low-cost, mass market sorghum beer, which has turned to be popular with imbibers across all ages including ladies as it has a unique carbonated taste and an extended shelf life which exceeds 21 days.

The introduction of Chibuku Super two years ago expanded Delta Beverages’ traditional beer products at a time when volumes for lager beers have been slowing down.

Apart from traditional sorghum beer and lager beer, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed Delta Beverages also manufactures and distributes sparkling soft drinks and has interests in the agro industrial sector.