NGOs Tempering With Voters’ Roll: Mudede

Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede told journalists in Harare that the development is an attempt by some NGOs to discredit Zimbabwe’s voter’s roll and the country’s electoral system.
Mr Mudede revealed that the NGOs involved are tempering with the voters’ roll that they would have purchased from the RG’s office.

According to the law, anyone is allowed to request for a copy of the voters’ roll from the RG.

He said the detractors are also seeking to delay the holding of the forthcoming election by peddling falsehoods that there has to be a new voters’ roll and tarnishing the image of the RG with a view to have the voters’ roll done by themselves.

ZRP Officer Commanding Harare province, Senior Assistant Commissioner Clement Munoriarwa said tampering with the voters roll has serious repercussions.

A statement issued at the news conference said some NGOs have embarked on a campaign to deliberately manipulate the voters’ roll at the behest of their paymasters who are at the forefront of condemning Zimbabwe’s electoral system.

The statement further states that some of the NGOs come into the country under the guise of improving the lives of the less privileged, but end up being very active in politics.
The country’s voters roll stands at 5 500 355. The Zimbabwe Mail