Nguema Thanks Mugabe For Foiling 2004 Coup Attempt

 “On the bilateral level you are aware that between Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea there are strong links between ourselves, more so there have been deeply rooted relationship from time to time. Zimbabwe was instrumental in helping us over foiling the attempted coup that happened in 2004 against the Equatorial Guinea,” Nguema said at State House after a meeting with Mugabe which lasted for five and half hours.
 “We are looking forward to establish co-operation links that will enable us strengthen this relationship more in terms of implementing projects and other issues that will help us to do so.”
The two leaders had dinner after which Nguema spoke to journalists while Mugabe did not speak to the media.
Zimbabwe intends to get oil from Guinea while the northern African country is hoping to get investment in manufacturing, energy and construction from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe once took a business delegation to Equatorial Guinea five years ago but nothing came out of the business trip. Nguema ends his two day official visit to Zimbabwe Tuesday.