Ngundu Sex Worker Loses Eye Over Boyfriend

NGUNDU – A Ngundu sex worker allegedly lost one eye last month when she was severely bitten by a colleague over a boyfriend. 

Letwin Mapope (34) of stand number 7232 Ngundu Stands appeared before Chivi Magistrate Bishard Chineka for assaulting her colleague Saustina Jimson (23) over a boyfriend.

Allegations are that on June 18, 2016 at around 2330hrs the accused arrived at Edza Power Bar at Ngundu and saw the complainant sitting with her boyfriend. The State says the three were in a love triangle. 

Mapope took a bottle of beer and broke it on a stone, she then started assaulting the complainant before striking her in the right eye. Jimson was taken to Chivi hospital where the doctor said she might lose her sight permanently.

Mapope was remanded out of custody to a later date for trial.  

Noxon Chamisa prosecuted.