Nicholas Goche Gets New African Top Post

Rascom is the African association which intends to send a rocket to space.

It currently has 45 members and has US$45 million in its kitty which is deposited with the Central African Development Bank.

Zimbabwe is among the few countries that are currently paid up members of Rascom. Nigeria, South Africa, Libya and Egypt are, however, currently not Rascom members and do not contribute to its dwindling coffers.

“I want to thank everyone for voting me in as Chairman,” Goche said in his short speech.”…I will work very hard and ensure that members are paid up. We need the cash from all members and it is sad to see that some of our members are not paid up.”

The annual one-day Rascom meeting was held in Harare this year but will move to Cote D’Voire in 2013 when Zimbabwe will relinquish the top post.

Goche has been Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to China and Romania before the demise of the cold war.

He is among President Robert Mugabe’s state security bosses having worked as a top member of the Central Intelligence Office in Zimbabwe before he was elevated to the post of Minister in government under Zanu (PF).

Goche is also among the top Zanu (PF) bosses currently negotiating with the MDC-T for a smooth transition of power.

Rascom is meant to make Africa competent by telecommunications techniques similar to those in the West.