Nkabazwe Community Radio in drive to improve youth involvement

.as Gweru youth demand more affordable social amenities

By Tinaani Nyabereka

GWERU – Youths in Gweru recently engaged duty bearers on service delivery and governance issues, highlighting major issues affecting them in their communities.

The engagement, which was initiated by Nkabazwe Community Radio, was held under the theme ‘Constitutionalism, Human Rights and Service Delivery’.

Nkabazwe Community Radio programs manager, Takaedza Tafirei urged youths not to shy away from participating in decision-making process as most youths were lagging behind in socio-political matters.

Midlands Arts board member, Dumisani Ndlovu said most youth were deprived of access to recreational facilities by the costs involved.

“It’s unfortunate that policymakers don’t know the importance of sports facilities. We need recreational facilities as youth because they are good for us. We interact and engage in decision making-processes that concern us at such places.

“It is unfortunate that the halls and theatre are now being used for business and church services. This doesn’t please us, do justice and don’t charge us exorbitant prices on facilities which were built for us. Last year we did our drama production in the park and it was rainy yet the facilities are there. We applied and we were denied use,” said Ndlovu

Ward 8 Councillor Notai Dzika said youth were entitled to enjoy and use facilities without any hindrances.

“Denial of such facilities won’t happen in our tenure in council. It might have happened with the previous council but know that it’s your right to accesses them so we will work with you. It is important for us to have engagements like these with you as they help us share ideas.

“Service delivery affects you as youths, be it water and other services. The committee of inquiry on service delivery did a report and it will be ready so that you access it I urge you to be active and demand your rights where you feel they are being infringed,” said Dzika.

Gweru Urban Member of Parliament (MP) Brain Dube said work was in progress on establishing an arts gallery for youths.

“We will soon begin to work on a face lifting of Mutapa Hall and on the theatre. We also want to revamp the arts gallery for use by our young people who want to exhibit their artistic work and stage concerts and exhibitions among other activities. I engaged the mayor and he said the partnered investor will soon come and work will begin,” said Dube.

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